Creams were designed to prevent damage to the skin and promote healing. Many of the ingredients have been used by various cultures to counteract damage caused by the sun and the sea. As much as we enjoy these two things together one also need to realize that they take a toll on our bodies protective cover. Working indoors does not protect the skin from the drying effects of artificial heat and air conditioning both of which dry the air significantly. They are designed to be used sparingly but routinely. They have natural SPF ingredients.

Serum is the ultimate rehabilitative product for the skin covering our faces. In many circumstances our arms and legs are covered during the workday and this provides some protection against the drying effects of artificial heat and air conditioning. However, the face is always exposed to the sun, dry air and particulate matter. Applying this product at night rejuvenates the skin and refurbishes the lost oils that have occurred due to exposure during the day. It is to be used sparingly but on a regular basis.

Scrubs help with exfoliation and provide retention of moisture that accompanies bathing. The scents are not overwhelming but do provide some aromatherapy while bathing or showering. You can emerge from bathing feeling soft and moisturized, making the “me time” experience in the shower or bath much more relaxing and beneficial to your skin.

Butters can be applied all over your body but are most beneficial to trouble spots. Applying this product to problem areas such as the heels of your feet, elbows or other places that tend to become dry or irritated can be quite satisfying. Even children who have problem areas can apply this product sparingly to dry areas and see results within 3 to 4 applications. We all want to feel and look our best, this is the go-to product to apply to those areas that are most problematic. It is meant to be used sparingly but regularly.