About Robyn Parsons Collection

Robyn is a Richmond, Virginia transplant. She came to Richmond for school in 1976 and never left.  “I love Richmond”, she says, calling Richmond home for over 40 years. 

One of her hobbies is making skin care products, mostly as gifts for friends! That has now grown into a family business. Over many years,  she has been committed to educating herself and enrolled in formal training from Formula Botanica, in the UK.  

In the United States, many things are allowed in skin care products, that are not allowed in other parts of the world. Typical skin care products have become a mesh of chemicals, which are absorbed through the skin and are now showing up in the blood and organs. Robyn has worked to formulate all Natural, Organic, and Vegan products for the overall improvements of our skin and health. We use NO FILLERS, only 100% natural oils and butters. Our skin is our largest organ. What we put on our skin, we also put in our body!

We are also sensitive to ingredients prohibited through Religious Doctrine. We use no gelatin, no animal products or animal fats, no animal testing, no strong scents! To prevent fungal and bacterial growth, we have found an additive used in the European and Asian markets that is plant-based! 

Robyn and her family are also believers in giving back to our Community. They founded the Bobcat Sports League to serve the underserved children in South Richmond in 2006. To date, they have served over 3,300 children. The Bobcats are an all-volunteer organization and has no paid staff! They have a Soccer Program for over 200 kids and have won multiple City Championships! Currently, the league works with 3 schools for volleyball as well as swimming.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these products will help fund this organization.